Privacy Policy

Hotel Birger Jarl AB and Hotel Tegnérlunden AB (subsequently referred to as HBJ and HTL, respectively) will take all necessary measures to ensure the protection of your personal integrity within the company. This includes the handling of guest’s and staff’s personal data, as well as other individuals who can be registered in HBJ’s and HTL’s IT-systems. All system, service, and business developments shall occur with respect to personal integrity and with consideration to current Swedish privacy laws.

In order to achieve an adequate privacy policy, HBJ and HTL shall not only make sure personal data is protected by modern and cost-effective technology. It is just as important to continuously work with issues like loyalty, consciousness, personal development, and organization. By using our products or services and/or consenting to this explanation, i.e. in association with registering for one of our products or services, you are consenting to the collection and utilization of your personal data according to the description in this explanation.

Please be advised that this explanation does not encompass the handling of personal data by third parties, i.e. airline companies, car rental companies and other service providers, companies who arrange or offer charter trips/packages, advertising partners, or company clients.

- Personal data we collect
- Utilization of personal data we collect
- Personal data we collect from third parties
- Personal data that we share
- Other data
- Sensitive data
- Personal data from children
- Links to third party websites and services
- Protection of personal data
- Alter and access your personal data
- Storing personal data
- Your rights
- Applying for employment
Personal Data we Collect
HBJ/HTL collects personal data in the following ways:
- When you choose to buy and/or inquire about one of HBJ/HTL’s services.
- From persons who act on your behalf.
- On the B2B-market. For example in a sales situation where you inquire about one of HBJ/HTL’s services and/or request a contract for collaboration.
- Via web browsers and invisible pixels.
- In association with the utilization of HBJ/HTL’s digital services.
- Through the registration of our membership program, BT Buddies, and the subscription of HBJ/HTL’s newsletters.
- From social media, advertisement and analysis suppliers, as well as public registries.
- Via tv-surveillance.

Collection and usage of personal data always takes place in accordance with the law. Tv-surveillance is installed as a security measure for employees and guests.
Surveillance occurs at hotel entrance, in guest and employee areas in the reception and bar, as well as loading and unloading areas.  

HBJ/HTL collects, among other things, the following personal information:
- Name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, and other general data.
- Credit card information – possibly used as a guarantee for your reservation.
- Demographic data.
- Utilization of BT Buddies.
- Feedback through customer surveys.
- Feedback through social media and other digital platforms.
- Web browser information.
- Data about your company and relevant contact persons.

You can, on your own accord, choose to provide HBJ/HTL with additional personal data that you deem significant. This can either be for security purposes and/or to provide HBJ/HTL the possibility of tailoring services especially for you.  

This can, for example, pertain to the following information concerning:
- Allergies
- Specific food preferences
- Disabilities
- Medical conditions

If you choose to provide us with additional information, HBJ/HTL will regard this as a consent from you to register and store this sensitive information on your profile.   
Usage of Personal Data that is Collected about you
We use your personal data in different ways; for example, personally tailoring the services you request and expect from HBJ/HTL, offering you the expected hospitality at our hotels, in our rooms, in our restaurant and conference facilities, administering the BT Buddies program, administering direct marketing and sales campaigns, as well as the following which is discussed in more detail below:

- Marketing and communication: If permitted, we are allowed to use your personal data in order to provide you with and offer you newsletters, campaigns, and special offers, as well as other marketing messages in accordance with possible communication requests you have made known. We use your personal data to send you notifications during your hotel stay, account notifications, reservation confirmations, marketing notifications, and in order to carry out surveys and contests. We can supply this communication via e-mail, post, digital advertising, social media, telephone, text messaging (including SMS and MMS), push-notifications, notifications through apps and other methods (including messages at hotel and vacation resorts, i.e. on the TV in your room). With your consent, we will also use user-generated content (for example: pictures) from social media channels in order to come up with screen advertising or to be used on our website and in our apps.

Personal Data we collect from Third Parties
Aside from collecting information solely from you, HBJ/HTL will also in certain cases gather information from i.e. third parties, a group leader, or a business partner. 
In certain instances, it is the third party’s responsibility to inform guests about HBJ/HTL’s terms and conditions, as well as the current confidentiality policy. It is also the third party’s obligation to provide the necessary consent for registration and usage of sensitive information.

Personal Data that we Share
Data Processor. In certain instances when it is necessary in order to offer our services, we share your personal data with external companies who are so-called Data Processors. A Data Processor is a company that processes information on our behalf and according to our instructions. We have Data Processors who help us with the following:
1) Transports.
2) Payment solutions (credit card processors, banks, and other payment service providers).
3) Marketing (print and distribution, social media, media houses, or advertising agencies).
4) IT-services (companies who handle necessary operations, technical support, and maintenance of our IT-solutions).

Your personal data is shared with Data Processors for the sole purpose with which we have collected the information (i.e. to fulfill our obligation according to the purchasing agreement or the loyalty program member’s terms and conditions). We monitor all Data Processors to assure that they can supply sufficient warranties which take into consideration the security and confidentiality of personal data. The contracts we have written with Data Processors guarantee the security of personal data as well as take on the obligation of security requirements and confinements with reference to international transmissions of personal data.
Independent data controllers who we share your personal data with are:
1) Departments of State (the police, the tax authority, or other Departments of State) if we are obligated to report personal data in accordance with the law or when suspect of a crime.
2) Companies who attend to general transports (logistical companies and freight managers).
3) Companies who provide payment solutions (credit card processors, banks or other payment service providers).

The company’s policy of integrity and usage of personal data is applied when your personal data is shared with companies who are independent data controllers.
Sensitive Information
The term “sensitive information” refers to data regarding your racial or ethnic background, political views, religious or philosophical convictions, union membership, health, sex life or sexual orientation, criminal background, as well as any possible biometric data which can be used to uniquely identify you. Normally we do not collect sensitive information, unless you have relinquished this information voluntarily. We can use data regarding your health which you have relinquished to us in order to better serve you and in order to satisfy your specific needs (i.e. provision of adaptation for disabilities).  

Personal Data from Children
We do not deliberately collect personal data from persons under the age of 18. Parents and guardians should not let children provide companies with personal data without their consent. 

Links to Third-Party Websites and Services
Our websites and mobile apps can contain links to third party websites. Please observe that we are not responsible for the collection, utilization, maintenance, sharing or disclosure of data by a third party. If you provide a third-party website with your personal information, then it is that website’s security policy and terms and conditions which is applied. We recommend that you read through the security policy of the websites that you visit before providing them with your personal data.  
HBJ/HTL works with a limited number of internet providers in order to offer guests internet access. Your usage of internet services at the hotel is subject to the external internet provider’s terms, conditions, and security policy. You can access these terms and policies by clicking on the links on the log-in pages or by visiting the internet provider’s website. 

Protection of Personal Data
HBJ/HTL will take the necessary measures to: (i) protect personal data against unauthorized access, distribution, alteration or damage and (ii) keep personal data as correct and updated as possible. We will also insist that our partnered companies, service providers, and suppliers who we share personal data with will also take the necessary measures to keep your personal data confidential. When it comes to online transactions, we use reasonable technical methods to protect personal data that you provide to us through our website.
For your own safety, we ask that you not send credit card details or other confidential, personal information to us by email. We will not be contacting you by text message or email to inquire about your confidential personal data or credit card details. We will only be asking for your credit card details over the phone when you make a reservation or purchase a package offer.
Alter and Access your Personal Data
If you are a member of BT Buddies, then you can, at any time, access, inspect, and update personal data you provided us with when registering, simply by contacting us. 
In the extent required according to the current law, you can request that we inform you of the personal data that we have saved and, if applicable, request that we update, correct, alter, and/or delete personal data that has been saved in our database. We will make all compulsory updates and alterations within the time frame specified by the law and, if permissible by law, will likely charge a suitable fee which covers the cost of such a request.

Such written requests may be sent to or Hotel Birger Jarl AB or Hotel Tegnerlunden AB, Tulegatan 8, 104 32 Stockholm, Sweden. To protect your confidentiality, we are only able to respond to such requests through the email address you initially registered with us or through other contact details initially registered with us. 

Retaining Personal Data
We keep and protect your personal data during the period required to fulfill the purpose described in this explanation, given that a longer period is not required or permitted according to the law. We will destroy your personal data as soon as practically possible and in such a way that it cannot be restored or duplicated.
Personal data which is printed on paper will be destroyed in a safe way, i.e. in a paper shredder or by burning the documents, and personal data which is saved electronically will be destroyed by technical methods to guarantee that the details cannot be restored or duplicated at a later point in time.

Your Rights
You have several rights according to the GDPR law.

Your rights are the following:
- You have the right to view which personal data HBJ/HTL collects about you.
- You have the right to receive corrections and updates about the personal data HBJ/HTL has registered on you.
- You have the right to have the personal data HBJ/HTL has registered on you deleted. If you would like to have your personal data deleted, then HBJ/HTL will delete all personal data which HBJ/HTL is not obliged by law to keep. 
- If the usage of personal data is based on a consent from you, then you have the right to withdraw your consent, which means that the usage thereafter will cease, except in the cases that HBJ/HTL is obliged by law to process personal data.

Through written request to HBJ/HTL, you can either receive a transcript of your personal data, have your personal data corrected, make objections or request that your personal data be deleted. This request shall be signed by you and shall include your name, address, telephone number, email address, as well as any possible BT Buddies membership number.
Applying for Employment
When you apply for a job with HBJ/HTL, the personal data you have included in the application will be collected and processed by HBJ/HTL.
Usually the following details are collected: general personal data, such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address, details regarding your educational background, as well as details regarding your current and previous employments. In association with the recruitment process for certain positions, HBJ/HTL can request that candidates take a personality test. The results of this test are processed by HBJ/HTL’s HR-department as well as the Head of Department responsible for the recruitment. HBJ/HTL uses personal data to discern if HBJ/HTL would like to offer you employment, and to be able to communicate with you during the recruitment process. Only relevant managers, the HR Department, and the IT Department have personal passwords that can be used to access your personal data.
If you are offered employment, HBJ/HTL will save your personal data in accordance with the HBJ/HTL personal data policy for employees. Applications from candidates who are not offered employment are generally saved for 6 months after the time of rejection. In order to save the application in the recruitment system, HBJ/HTL must obtain a consent from the candidate. HBJ/HTL can in certain cases even pass on your personal data, if required by law, a court ruling, or current legislation. If you would like to access the personal data HBJ/HTL has collected on you, either in association with updating your data or because you would like HBJ/HTL to delete your data, then please contact the HR Department by email at: You can, at any time, make objections regarding the fact that your personal data is used for further processing.