Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability at Hotel Birger Jarl

A sustainable way of working involves environmental work as well as social and ethical issues.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of our DNA - All profits from our hotels go to our owners, Immanuel Church, who in turn help under-privileged groups through various partnerships and charity projects both in Sweden and around the world. This means that you automatically contribute to a positive thing - just by staying at our hotel or having a conference with us!

Giving People

Giving People is a charitable organization that works to counteract financial vulnerability and child poverty that exists in Sweden.

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Green Key

Hotel Birger Jarl has been awarded the international eco-label Green Key. We work actively with environmental and sustainability issues while following Green Key's detailed criteria.

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We work actively to reduce food waste. Through our collaboration with the organization Karma, we can discount leftover food and save good food from being thrown away.

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We support Tjejzonen which is Sweden's largest support organization for girls between the ages 10-25. They fight for the right to be listened to and strive to decrease mental health and social vulnerability.

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Hotels Against Trafficking

Hotel Birger Jarl supports RealStars, a non-profit organization that works against human trafficking both within Sweden and the EU.
Our staff members are trained in how to react when suspicious of trafficking and prostitution.

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We work with Nores, a member-owned purchasing organization with extensive experience from the hotel and restaurant industry.

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